You’ve worked hard to build a successful business. But the market is competitive, and margins are thin. We know how challenging it can be amid rapid legal, technological, and cultural changes. A friendly handshake to seal a deal is not enough in today’s legal landscape. There are contracts upon presentations upon rules upon regulations. Not to mention the new legislation – the  Construction Act. 

 The Act brings major changes that will affect your business. Things such as prompt payment provisions and mandatory adjudication of construction disputes. How will you cope with these new challenges? By seeking expert advice. Let our team break it all down for you and point you in the right direction.

The risk of incurring damages due to no fault of your own is always a reality. Besides, the dispute process is technically complex, long on facts, and exhausting to the parties involved. You will need experienced contract and construction claims experts to guide you.

The quality of information you provide will determine your claim outcome. It needs to be accurate and justifiable in order to maintain your credibility with owners and their experts. JTE can help you properly prepare, present and defend your position, regardless of the claim size or its complexity. We’ll handle your case from start to finish. Our claims consultants have the necessary blend of skills to prepare the substantial technical and financial information to fully evidence your claim.



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