Frequently Asked Questions

What are construction claims?

Simply put, construction claims are the assertion of one’s rights for additional time and/or money. In construction projects, claims can result from a number of factors such as delays in the execution of work, inclement weather, defective design and force majeure. The various types of claims include delay claims, labor and equipment productivity loss claims, differing site conditions claims, acceleration claims, termination claims, design and construction defect claims, and force majeure claims.

Do I need a lawyer to help resolve a claim or dispute?

It varies from case to case. Some matters require both and, in those situations, we work closely with legal counsel toward the resolution of the claims and disputes. Claims consultants provide technical advisory and consulting to analyze the situation and prepare or rebut claim submissions, depending upon the client’s requirements and mandate. They can be instrumental in forensic schedule analysis, quantification and apportionment of monetary damages, as well as other areas related to dispute resolution. Claims consultants can also help in the negotiation process, which in some cases can preclude the need for arbitration and/or litigation.

When is the best time to engage a claims consultant?

Ideally, the goal should be to avoid claims and disputes altogether. When engaged at the outset of a project, JTE can help identify potential problems and resolve them at their source. But we can also help at the point at which a dispute arises. For more details, see Our Process.

What are the fees for claims consulting services?

Our fees depend on the size and complexity of the matter at hand, and any specific mandate or instructions from our client. In some instances, our fees may be claimed as part of the monetary damages incurred by one party due to actions or inactions by the others. For more details, please contact us.

How does one become a construction claims consultant?

Construction claims and dispute resolution consulting is a highly specialized, challenging, and rewarding career. It requires an analytical mindset, excellent communication skills, and an aptitude for solving problems. Claims consultants come from various educational backgrounds such as engineering, management, business, and accounting. For more information on pursuing a career in construction claims consulting, visit our Careers page.

Construction Claims Facts

9 out of 10 construction megaprojects experience cost overruns, with an average cost escalation of 28%.

Client Testimonials

“We were impressed with the ability of JTE to take very complex topics and vast quantities of data, and create a comprehensive claims package of our problematic three-year long contract.”

Randy Kowal | COO, Robichaud Nodig Sewer Solution