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Wherever you are in your project or business life cycle, we explore all available avenues to help you manage and mitigate
contractual risk through a wide range of consulting, expert advisory and solutions. Our team will help determine which of the
following service packages are best suited to your project or case.

Recommended Services

Our extensive experience with a wide range of construction projects enable us to provide our clients with deep insight and actionable advice. Our claims experts are qualified in both assembling claims and effectively rebutting claims asserted against you, including:

  • Delay claims
  • Disruption/lost productivity claims
  • Unforeseen & differing site condition claims
  • Termination claims
  • Force majeure claims
  • Suspension of work claims
  • Acceleration claims

Construction claims damages can be quite complex to quantify, due to the number of contributing factors. These may include direct and indirect cost estimates, scheduling, sequencing, and project management. We are qualified in the assessment and quantification of damages such as:

  • Prolongation cost
  • Labour & equipment inefficiency cost
  • Unabsorbed overhead cost
  • Cost escalation

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By partnering with your technical and project management team, we help ensure that administrative, cost and scheduling controls are in place – to help keep your project on schedule and on budget. Our Commercial Advisory and Project Controls Services include:

  • Project oversight, management, and controls
  • Schedule quality assurance reviews
  • Claim defense and rebuttal
  • Claims avoidance and prompt resolution
  • Evaluation of contractor requests for payments, additional compensation and time extensions
  • Monthly executive reporting
  • Project management office (PMO)
  • Change management
  • Cash flow projections and budgeting

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We partner with insurance and surety companies to identify, analyze and reduce exposure to risk, with the goal of minimizing their total cost. Our Surety and Insurance Support Services include:

  • Project monitoring & management
  • Establishment of contemporaneous facts
  • Time & cost tracking & independent reporting
  • Performance & payment bond investigations
  • Cost to complete analysis
  • Builder risk insurance policy claim
  • Forensic delay analysis & reporting

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We assist legal counsel in solving complex issues surrounding wide range of factors that can contribute to construction claims and disputes. As experienced expert witnesses, we simplify and clarify our analysis when presenting during negotiation, before review boards, during mediation or arbitration, or at trial. Among the expert witness services we provide are:

  • Forensic analysis & expert testimony
  • Identification of concurrency & critical paths
  • Review of mitigation & acceleration
  • Determination of responsibility
  • Apportionment of damages
  • Expert reports
  • Litigation & ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution) support
  • Project neutral
  • Forensic engineering

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Understanding is key to making better decisions. We offer a wide range of professional training and development sessions for construction industry professionals. Content can be tailored to the needs of your organization. Topics include:

  • Construction claim management
  • Owner’s perspective – claims avoidance and prompt resolution
  • Contractor’s perspective – claims preparation and presentation

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Client Testimonials

“We were impressed with the ability of JTE to take very complex topics and vast quantities of data, and create a comprehensive claims package of our problematic three-year long contract.”

Randy Kowal | COO, Robichaud Nodig Sewer Solution