Our Process

Your first resource, your last recourse

The most effective way to avoid conflict is to work proactively, in advance,
through preparation and planning. However, the complex nature of
construction and infrastructure projects dictates that the potential for
unforeseen disputes will always exist.

Our aim is to make complex contractual issues transparent and understandable for our clients. In general terms, we are engaged by our clients in three primary ways: at the onset of a project, helping identify where issues may arise in the planning stages; throughout the project lifecycle, identifying problems as they arise; or, in the event of a dispute, helping to bring conflicts to a successful resolution.

How we work with you

At the onset of a project

While claims generally arise from events that occur during the execution of a project, the real problem often has its roots in the pre-construction phases. At the onset of a project, we can help reduce the potential for claims in two ways. Firstly, we develop and/or review project management plans, project controls and contract administration policies and procedures, Secondly, we review and critique contract documents, proposals and bid packages to identify and eliminate potential inconsistencies, ambiguities, conflicts, errors and omissions.

Once a project is underway

Throughout the project lifecycle we focus on delivering the final project on time and within budget. We can identify problems as they arise, and provide timely solutions to mitigate the potential effect of increased expenses and schedule delays. We can partner with your team and provide additional expertise for progress monitoring and schedule support services. If you are a project owner, we can assist in Schedule Quality Assurance Reviews.

When claims and disputes arise

In the event of a dispute, our main objective is to help parties resolve the matter promptly, through amicable negotiations and mediations. If a settlement cannot be reached through negotiation or mediation, we can assist in arbitrations, adjudications and litigations, as determined by the parties and their legal counsel.

We can serve as litigation consultants, expert witnesses, and/or project neutral experts, as needed. Our extensive qualifications and experience allow us to evaluate the situation, document the evidence, and provide expert and objective advice and consulting services to build a strong case for your position.

Support tailored to every role

Construction and infrastructure projects encompass a wide range of roles and responsibilities, including project owners, contractors, subcontractors, legal counsel, insurers and sureties. The broad range of experience and expertise offered by JTE enables us to deliver precisely the service and support required by each role at every stage of the process. Follow the links below to explore the services available to each of these roles.

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Client Testimonials

“We were impressed with the ability of JTE to take very complex topics and vast quantities of data, and create a comprehensive claims package of our problematic three-year long contract.”

Randy Kowal | COO, Robichaud Nodig Sewer Solution