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We are experts in quantifying, assessing and verifying damages related to loss events, claimed delays and disruptions, and force majeure. We can help verify whether a claimed delay and disruption were solely attributable to the loss event. If not, we can determine how much delay and productivity loss can be attributed to the loss event in order to adequately compensate the insured.

After a major loss event like a fire, flood and collapse etc., the insured project owner or contractor will make a claim upon their Builder’s Risk (Course of Construction) Insurance. The process for all parties can be complex, chaotic and costly. Insurers need to sift through the numbers to find out how much needs to be paid to the insured due to delay, interruptions, loss of use, and so on. We can simplify the process.

We are well equipped for forensic delay analysis and quantifying the actual loss sustained. For example, if the insured project was delayed for other reasons prior to the loss event, the insurer would not need to pay the insured for that part of their losses. Whatever the situation, we understand all parties’ rights and obligations under Builder’s Risk Insurance.

We can help avoid the conflicts and excessive payouts that can result from insurance claims.

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Client Testimonials

“We were impressed with the ability of JTE to take very complex topics and vast quantities of data, and create a comprehensive claims package of our problematic three-year long contract.”

Randy Kowal | COO, Robichaud Nodig Sewer Solution