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JTE, founded in 2013, is a uniquely skilled, dynamic, and client-focused boutique firm comprised of individuals with backgrounds in construction management, engineering and accounting. We carry Certificate of Authorization from Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO). 

From concept to closeout, we do whatever it takes to resolve your problem. Think of us as trusted partners who listen closely and drill down to the core of your contract or construction claims issue. We simplify the complex – so your questions get clear answers and your story is told exceptionally well. We stand beside you and behind what we say and do. And as a respected client, you receive our full attention.



Standing beside you and behind what we say and do.


Championing your case.


Delivering sharp industry insights and high-caliber service.


Helping clients prevent and resolve costly and complex construction claims and disputes.


Respecting, supporting, and responding to client needs through efficient service delivery.


Quick response and available to you when you need us most

Our Expertise

Our experts help you avoid, mitigate and resolve construction disputes. Wherever you are in your project or business life cycle, we can explore all reasonable avenues to help you mitigate contract risk. Avenues that can help prevent disputes and resolve them at their source, if they materialize. Our expert consulting and advice as well as management strategies and solutions steer clients around – and through – the complex challenges intrinsic to construction and contract disputes. Time after time, JTE helps clients avoid and resolve disputes and litigation.

You profit from our expertise as we competently: 

  • Resolve construction contract disputes for delayed, disrupted, accelerated and troubled projects through claims preparation, defense, project neutral and expert witness services
  • Prevent and mitigate construction disputes by advising the involved parties at the project onset
  • Provide commercial protection through project controls, contract interpretation, negotiation and administration ​
  • Improve project efficiency and business processes, and manage strategic relationships
  • Provide expert opinion and reports


The construction industry is unpredictable. Unplanned events and changes are the norm. The only assurance at hand is a contract. But if not managed properly, that contract can damage your business. At JTE we work closely with our clients to:

  • Understand the relevant contractual provisions and accompanying risk exposure
  • Identify the major causes of construction disputes and proactively plan to prevent and mitigate anticipated damages
  • Provide insight and direction to navigate through construction claims
  • Reduce cost overruns and late schedule completion by active monitoring and advisory
  • Pre-Construction Contract Advisory & Management

The most effective construction claims consulting starts long before a project dispute arises. In other words, prevention is more attainable and less costly than a cure. So we work with our clients to detect early warning signs. How? By reviewing in detail their contract documents, contract schedule, change orders and directives, RFIs, and other relevant correspondence. We highlight areas where potential for dispute avoidance and/or early resolution is greatest. The resulting risk mitigation and avoidance help you circumvent costly delays, overhead expenses, damaging relationships and, most of all, personal stress.

  • Construction Claim Preparation and Rebuttal

Pursuing or defending a construction claim requires highly technical skills. It requires construction, scheduling, cost accounting and contractual expertise. Our team of professional construction claim consultants work with clients to navigate through the tough times when claims in construction projects arise. We help you identify entitlement, and analyze, prepare and present construction claims on construction and engineering projects.

  • Expert Witness & Testimony

We help clients and their legal counsels solve complex and technical issues related to construction defects, construction project and program delays, economic damages, time impacts, contract interpretation, and more. Our deep understanding and expertise on these issues allow us to simplify and clarify them when presenting our analysis in the forum required (i.e. trial, deposition, arbitration, mediation, dispute review boards, negotiations). Along with expert witness services, we have served as mediators and functioned as a “neutral evaluator” or “third-party neutral.”

Our construction claims & dispute resolution services include but are not limited to:

      • Documentation review and assessment
      • Forensic schedule analysis & delay assessment
      • Root cause analysis
      • Disruption assessment
      • Lost productivity/Impact cost evaluation
      • Quantification of damages

When is being a control freak a good thing? When you need full management and controls service from inception to delivery of your project. JTE partners with your design & project management team to make sure the proper administrative, cost, and scheduling controls are put in place. We can help you reduce technical risks, control budgets, and effectively keep the construction project within the planned schedule.

  • Owner’s Representation

As the owner of a major capital programme, you will face countless questions such as : Will the contractor bids come in too low? Are the plans and specifications complete and accurate, avoiding unnecessary change orders? Will disputes over the interpretation of the plans and specifications delay the project? When are the contractors entitled to time extensions? We partner with clients to control project variables and deal with these sorts of questions on daily basis.

  • P3/AFP Consulting & Advisory

Our extensive experience in the commercial management amalgamated with a deep understanding of the AFP/P3 delivery model allows us to offer technical expertise with the necessary life-cycle and net present value focus critical to the success of AFP/P3 projects.

  • Cost Engineering Services & Advisory

We support our clients from preliminary cost estimating to continuous cost and schedule control. We use earned value management and other similar tools for project cost control. The cost advice we provide is both realistic and comprehensive, covering all aspects of the projects, specifically designed to help our clients make informed decisions.

We also add value by effectively manage contractual changes and recognize scope changes as early as possible, enabling our clients to take swift corrective action.

Our commercial advisory and project control services include but are not limited to:

      • Provide comprehensive project oversight, management, and controls
      • Assessment of technical correctness and contractual compliance of the project schedule baseline and updates
      • Claim defense and rebuttal
      • Claims avoidance and prompt resolution
      • Evaluation of contractor’s requests for payments, additional compensation and time extensions
      • Monthly executive reporting
      • Project management office (PMO)
      • Change management
      • Cash flow projections and budgeting
      • Document management
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The more you understand construction contracts and the claims and dispute process, the better your decisions and the lower your risk of frustration, severed relationships, disruption, lost time and litigation.

Since knowledge transfer is part of our corporate philosophy, JTE offers professional training & development sessions/courses.


JTE’s wealth of hands on experience ensures you receive up to date information supported by practical and relevant industry examples. Construction industry professionals will advance their understanding of construction claims in an intensive learning environment, enriched by active participants and lively discussion.

Topics include:

      • Claim Prevention
      • Claim Preparation and Presentation
      • Schedule Delay Analysis
      • Construction Claims Management
      • Other topics by request

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